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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

Casper Soccer Club FUTSAL League
Futsal is a sport that is a derivative of soccer and played with five-man teams on a basketball style court with no walls and a smaller, low-bouncing ball.
Futsal requires a high rate of active participation and motor engagement on the part of the players, which makes it an excellent means of developing skills among children. It enables them to stay constantly involved in the game – directly or indirectly – and build up the amount of time they spend engaged in useful practice, which is why the sport is also regarded as an excellent training tool for soccer.  Futsal puts a premium on ball control.
We will be playing at the old YMCA gym, the entrance is on 15th street. 
Court or athletic shoes, shin guards, white or grey t-shirt, and socks that cover your shin guards. 

Click here for Youth Futsal Information.