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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

Casper Soccer Club Board

The Casper Soccer Club Board Members and staff strongly believe in the benefits of organized sports.  Participation in sports has been proven to build self esteem, promote teamwork, develop the mind as well as the body, and is an important part of a youth's growing process.

Vision:  The Casper Soccer Club, Central Wyoming's premier soccer organization, provides lifelong opportunities for challenge and growth - both on and off the pitch.
Mission:  Casper Soccer Club provides soccer programing and opportunities for all ages and abilities to enhance soccer skills, promote a healthy lifestyle and help teach valuable life lessons.


2020/21 Casper Soccer Club Board of Directors

 President Trish Nix president@caspersoccerclub.com
 Vice PresidentFred Catchpole
 Treasurer Mike Cometto mikec@cpawyoming.com
 Secretary  Melissa Childers
  Director at Large Luke Carlson
  Director at Large Kristin Camp
  Director at Large Aaron Cawiezell
  Director at Large Julie Maiers
  Director at Large Sean Cometto
  Director at Large Becky Strand
  Director at Large Jorge Jimenez
  Director at Large Amanda Branon amanda.branon@gmail.com

General Board Correspondence

Executive Director
 Wendy Brown wendyb@caspersoccerclub.com 
 Director of Coaching Vacant casperDOC@caspersoccerclub.com

  • Each member of the CSC Board of Directors is elected to a 2 year term
  • The positions are alternating even and odd years
  • The Elections are held in the fall
  • The President & Secretary are elected by the BOD in the odd year
  • The Vice President & Treasurer are elected by the BOD in the even year
  • See the Bylaws for more details
  • Visit the Calendar for meeting Dates & Times
Governing Documents
The Casper Soccer Club is governed by a set of ByLaws that fall under the authority of the State of Wyoming Statutes and the ByLaws of Wyoming Soccer Association, US Youth Soccer, USASA and USSF.