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Casper Spring JAM! 

Tournament Rules and Policies

Please leave pets at home for the safety of your pet and safety of the participants. Dogs not allowed on fields during event. -Thank you!

The Spring JAM is an USYS/WSA non-restricted sanctioned event.  The schedule will accommodate a 4 game schedule.   Each team will play 4 games against 4 different opponents except for those age groups that may not have 5 teams registered in their division. In that instance, teams will play 4 games with some repeat opponents. Due to the nature and time restraints, some teams may play back to back games.  There will be no overtime at the end of regulation play, scores will be recorded, but no tabulation of scores or declaration of a winner of the JAM, just soccer games.    Team registrations and guest player requests must be submitted on-line through Got Soccer.  Players rostered on a team must have the same US soccer affiliation.  Guest players must also have the same US Soccer affiliated membership passes as the team that they are guest playing for.   A player can only be rostered on one (1) team during the Jamboree. Complete the registration by selecting a roster for the event.

TEAM CHECK-IN - It is requested that complete team information be entered in Got Soccer during the registration process.  Team check in will be processed online for the Spring Jamboree.  Information will need to be submitted via the detailed instructions sent to each team.  On line check in will be requested 1 week prior to the start date of the event.  An official event roster will be sent to the team when completed.

The coach or a team manager must have the appropriate state issued US Soccer affiliation membership passes and medical release forms for each player and the event roster available upon request at the field.  PLAYERS AND COACHES WITHOUT A PASS/CARD WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.

Game rosters will be printed on the referee game roster and may be verified by asking for your approved event roster before each game. 



Field of Play-Law 1 – Field dimensions are determined by the WSA Chart of Standards for Small Sided Games for Youth Soccer.   Coaches & players on the bench will remain in the designated team area while their team is playing.  No spectators/parents are allowed in, directly behind or beside the team designated area.   Only players and coaches listed on the game roster may be in the designated team area.  Persons who have a designated pass may be in the technical area. (Club DOC, Staff, Referee, event photographer)

Referee-Law 5 Each match is controlled by a referee or referees who have the full authority to enforce the Laws of the Game in connection with the match.   Please reference the WSA rule on Zero Tolerance of Referee Abuse.

*THE REFEREE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SHORTEN A GAME UP TO 5 MINUTES TO KEEP GAMES ON SCHEDULE.  Games may not be extended in time for any reason.  No allowances will be made for lost time.

The Jamboree will have a current USSF licensed referee assignor to assign referees to the games. A three-man referee system will be utilized for the games requiring offside to be called.  Only current USSF registered referees will be allowed to officiate the games, except for the use of a club linesman as defined by USSF.  Only current USSF registered referees will receive payment for their services. 

Age DivisionsRegistration Fees*Game DurationLaw 7
8U$140/team20-minute game4 vs 4 no goalie – no offside
9U/10U$245/team25-minute game7 vs 7 w/goalie – buildout line- offside
11U/12U$395/team30-minute game9 vs 9 w/goalie - offside
13U/14U$370/team35-minute game11 vs 11 – offside
15U  $375/team35-minute game11 vs 11 – offside

*Non-USYS teams will need to submit an additional $25.00 at registration and will need to provide evidence of insurance prior to being accepted for the event. 

Start of Play- Law 8- The visitor team will determine direction of play, and the kickoff at the beginning of the game will be by the home team.  Score will be recorded, but no standing will be indicated, nor awards presented.

Fouls & Misconduct - Law 12- 12 & Under - Intentional heading will result in an in-direct free kick to the opposing team. Kick Off, Corners and throw-ins are taken like normal.

If a player receives a red card during a game, they will have to sit out the next Jamboree game or, if at the end of the Jamboree, game suspension will carry over per WSA rules.  If a coach is ejected during a game, they will have to sit out the next Jamboree game or, if at the end of the Jamboree, game suspension will carry over per WSA rules.  ALL RED AND YELLOW CARDS AND GAME EJECTIONS WILL BE REPORTED TO THE STATE OFFICE.

  • Additional WSA Policies apply to our event 
  • Modified rules of play for 8U and 10U 
  • No heading for 12U and under
  • Zero tolerance policy 

Refund Policy - Casper Soccer Club will do its best to schedule a minimum of 4 games, however we cannot guarantee a team will not drop from the Jamboree or forfeit a game. No credit or partial credit will be given in this situation. A team may withdraw from the Jamboree and a full refund will be issued (minus a $30 administrative fee) if the team cancels prior to the registration deadline. After the registration deadline, a 70% refund will be issued if the schedule has not been posted; or if the schedule has been posted, a 60% refund will be issued if a replacement team can be secured.  If a replacement team cannot be secured after the schedule is posted, no refund will be issued. 

Weather – The Jamboree committee/director has the right to shorten and/or cancel matches due to unfavorable/dangerous climate conditions and/or other acts of nature and circumstances beyond the control of the Jamboree, director, or Casper Soccer Club. Each day of the Jamboree will be viewed as a separate entity in the terms of weather cancelation.  Therefore, Saturday will be considered an individual event day as will Sunday.  In the event of unfavorable/dangerous weather conditions that cause the total cancellation of each individual day prior to the start of the first scheduled game, the Jamboree will refund a percentage of the registration application fee based on expenses of the event.  After the event day for the Jamboree begins, no refunds will be issued if the remainder of the day must be cancelled.



As the Casper Youth Soccer Program continues to grow, we seek support from the Natrona County community and beyond. Donations and sponsorship's support: Players’ scholarships, Soccer equipment, Rewarding players for their hard work, Fields for practice, Equipment Storage