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Summer Adult Soccer Rules


Registration – Players will register individually, to complete the waiver of liability statement and complete the acknowledgements requirements.  A player must be U18 or older to participate in the summer adult program. Players will select the team they want to participate on. Team captain or team manager will need to indicate what division the team will be participating.

The number of teams will be formed based on the registrations received by the deadline of June 1st, for the league.

Players will be required to submit a current headshot photo with their registration. If a photo is not provided the registration will be deemed incomplete and the player will not be added to the game roster until a photo is provided. Players may be added to a team after the registration deadline only if roster space allows. A late fee of $15 will apply to registrations received after the published deadline. A player may register late (after the games begin) and be added to the team if a roster spot is available, the full registration fee and the late fee will apply to the registration.

  1. All players must be registered, fees paid and listed on the roster prior to the games.
  2. Late registrations will not be processed the night of the games.

                    a. If a non-registered player is discovered on a team, the team will forfeit the game being played or the game already played and lose 2 points in the standings.

  1. 8v8 COED League Minimum age is U18 or older.  A minimum of 2 female players must be on the field at all times, otherwise the team plays short. The maximum team roster is 16 players, the minimum is 5 players.

    •  Division I (A) - Coed Competitive
    •  Division II (B)– Coed Casual/Recreational

5. 5v5 Women’s League5v5 Women’s Division – The maximum roster is 10 players, the minimum of 3 players constitute a legal team.

a. Women’s 24 & older division- Recreational division must be 24 or older. is ideal for the novice to intermediate female player but open to any level of skill player. The Women’s division, previously known as the ‘Mom’s’, is a purely recreational, non-competitive division. All players must be 24 or older, being a mom is not a prerequisite, however the majority of the players have children or have friends that have children who play the game of soccer, which sets the tone of the division.

            1. A player who has played college soccer in the last 4 years is ineligible to participate in this division.

            2. The team cannot consist of more than ¼ experienced players (former college players)

b. Women’s Open division – Minimum age is U18 or older – no requirements or restrictions.

League Rules of Play - All Games shall be played in accordance with FIFA laws of the game, except as specifically superseded by these CSC rules.

           8v8 Two 35-minute halves offside size #5 ball

           5v5 Two 25-minute halves no offside size #5 ball.

Teams must check in with the referee 15 minutes prior to the start of each game. The referee will verify players & jersey numbers against the game roster and will verify any guest players for the game. The official game card provided to the referee will include the team roster of players and their photos. Guest players will need to provide proof of their eligibility in the League, i.e.Player card.   A game ball will be provided by the club.

Team Representative/Captain - Each team will be required to designate a Team representative/captain (up to 2). The Team Captains are responsible for verifying that the players on the side line are eligible to play. If the player is not listed on the roster they must have their player card to guest play.

The Women’s 24 & older division.

1. Goals per player rule. A single player may not score more than 3 goals in a single game. The fourth goal will not count. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the spot where to goal scoring kick was taken.

2. If a team is 6 points ahead of the other team, the team that is ahead in the score must play short a player and cannot add a player until the other team scores.

The Women’s Open Division – no restrictions on the skill or experience level.

Player Equipment – all Players

  1. Shoes & shin guards must meet FIFA specifications. Shin guards must be worn during a game.
  2. No necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings of any kind will be allowed.

Uniforms – Jerseys - All players on a team must wear similar jerseys of the same color. Each jersey will have a number on the back. Duplicated numbers are not allowed within a team. Players will be associated with a number for the season. Verification of Jersey number with player names on the roster will be done by the referee. T-shirts or jerseys with sponsorship logos are allowed. CSC reserves the right to refuse certain logos that CSC deems inappropriate.     If a team does not have similar shirts with numbers, numbered training jerseys will be available.


  1. Unlimited substitutions by either team may be made with the permission of the referee, at the following times:

                       a) After a goal has been scored

                       b) Prior to a goal kick

                       c) At the beginning of the second half

                       d) Prior to own team’s throw-in. If the opposing team is ready and waiting at the halfway line, they may also sub.

**Guest Players   On occasion, a team may be short players due to work schedules, vacation etc. Guest players for a team will be allowed according to the following:

1. A Guest player must be invited to guest play for a team.
2. A Guest player must be a current registered adult league player and provide verification of registration.

3. The Team Captain is responsible for verifying the guest player is a valid registered player.

4. Number of guest players allowed is 2 in league play, semifinals and finals. An additional guest player may be allowed when only 5 rostered players are present for the game for Coed teams, 3 rostered players for Women’s teams.

5. Guest players can only be used if a team has less than 3 subs on the sideline.
a. If a team’s rostered player arrives after the start of the game and joins the game, the guest player must leave the game if the number of subs on the sidelines exceeds 3 players.
6. A guest player who is not a registered player will cause the team to forfeit the game and lose 2 points in the standings.
7. Guest player’s information needs to be added to the game card.
     The use of guest players is limited in order to have consistency of team players, with the core of the team participating in the games.

Game Forfeiture Ruling - Any team not ready to play at the scheduled start time shall be granted a 10-minute grace period but it will affect game length. A team only needs to have the minimum number of players to start a game, which may include guest players. The halves may be shortened to accommodate the late start. Any team not ready to play at the expiration of the grace period, shall be deemed to have forfeited the game, and the opposing team will receive a 1-0 win.

Rescheduling – If a game is cancel or postpone due to weather, the club will make every effort to reschedule the game based on the availability of the regular league dates of play. (i.e. Monday, Tuesday or a Thursday) If a regular league date is not available and a mutually agree date cannot be decided on the game will be issued as a tie – 0-0.

On occasion, a request is made to reschedule a game due to scheduling conflicts. The request must be submitted within a reasonable amount of time. Both teams must agree on the rescheduled date otherwise the original scheduled date stand and the forfeiture rule applies.

If a non-registered player is discovered to be playing, the game will be stopped and the team with the non-registered player will forfeit the game and lose 2 points in the standings. If a non-registered player is discovered after the game has been played the team will forfeit the game and lose 2 points in the standings.

Refund Policy – A full refund of fees is available if the registration is requested to be cancelled before the registration due date for the league. After the due date, a refund less $30 administrative fee will be available. Once the schedule is posted, the membership/registration fee is nonrefundable.

Referee - If there is only one referee present and no assistants or one referee and one assistant for a game, the referee will commence the match using a volunteer linesman from one of the teams or both if 2 assistant referees are needed. Should the assistant referee(s) arrive at the field, he shall enter the match at the appropriate break in play and the volunteer linesman shall return to his team. Women’s 5v5 will only require 1 center referee, offside rule will not be applied to the Women’s Division of 5v5.

Slide Tackling & General Sliding. Slide tackling (sliding and tackling a ball and an opponent) in the immediate proximity of another player is not permitted at any time and can result in a red card. Exception for goalkeepers, as long as it is in their penalty area and is not feet/cleats-first. Sliding for a ball without an opponent present is permitted.

Foul & abusive language will not be tolerated.

Suspension Guidelines - Red Card violations may include but not limited to:

  1. Serious Foul Play - as determined by the referee
  2. Foul and Abusive language – as determined by the referee
  3. Second Cautionable offense
  4. Violent Conduct - can also result in suspension for the current season and future seasons

A minimum one game suspension is required for 2 yellow cards or 1 red card issued during a single game.

A one (1) game suspension for 4 yellow card offenses during the season will be enforced. A player who has received 2 red cards or 6 yellow cards in a season will serve a minimum of a 3 game suspension (serves 1 game for the 1st red/4 yellow and a 2 game suspension for the 2nd red/6 yellows). A player receiving 3 red cards in a 9 month period will serve a minimum of a 1 year suspension from the date of the last red card. The severity and/or nature of the violation will determine if a longer suspension is required. The suspension will apply to the next game that they are rostered for, not as a guest player, and they will not be able to quest play for a team until the suspension is served.

Periodically the adult league committee will meet and review the cautions and sendoffs for the season and determine if additional suspension or sanctions are required. The Casper Soccer Club reserves the right to impose a harsher suspension of a player depending on the violation and the nature of the violation.

Scoring and Tie Breakers: Scores will be recorded and standing will be calculated after each game played. Standing will be based on a 3-point system. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. Teams tied at the end of pool play will advanced based on the following tie breakers.

                       1. Head to head

                       2. Goals against

                       3. Goals for

                      4. Penalty shootout

Games played in the regular pool play may end in a tie. Games played in the playoffs & finals will need a winner to advance. If teams are tied at the end of regulation time, two 10 minute halves will be played. If teams are still tied at the end of over time, teams will proceed with shots from the mark.


  1. The Referee game score card will serve as the official roster for the game and the official game record.
  2. USSF Certified Referees will be contracted for the games.
  3. The Casper Soccer Club reserve the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the adult league and its decisions will be final.
  4. The CSC and its board of directors and members are not responsible for the behavior of the players, coaches and spectators, or for damages resulting from such behavior, nor are they responsible for any injuries, which may occur to the players, coaches and spectators as a result in their participation at the adult league games.
  5. Players participating in the Adult League are participating at their own risk.
  6. Coaches, players & spectators will remain at least 2 yards from the touchline.
  7. Any player, coach or spectator who, while participating in any adult league activity is found to be in possession of illegal drugs, or weapons will be banned from the adult league and the appropriate notification shall be given to the local law enforcement authorities.
  8. There will be individual first place awards for the Adult League Champion team and individual second place awards for the second place team. First place and second place will be determined by playoff games & championship games played at the end of the season for all divisions.


As the Casper Youth Soccer Program continues to grow, we seek support from the Natrona County community and beyond.
 Donations and sponsorship's support the various programs of the Casper Soccer Club from the need of equipment to the painting of the fields and to the offering of scholarships to participate.