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21th Annual Casper Fall Classic 2018

September 7, 8 & 9, 2018

North Casper Soccer Complex, Casper, WY - I-25 & Bryan Stock Trail exit


The Tournament Committee reserves the right to combine age groups as necessary, and to place teams in brackets based on age and past standings. The Tournament is not responsible for incorrect team information.   Once the teams are accepted into the tournament, the tournament fee is nonrefundable.  

Eligibility: The Casper Fall Classic is a WSA/USYS restricted sanctioned tournament. All players and coaches must have a laminated player passes, official club issued team roster and medical release forms. Teams will check in on line.  Guest players must register as a guest through Got Soccer.  A team will be able to select guest players only if they marked allow guest players when they registered.  Only 3 guest players are allowed and must be eligible to play the age bracket for which they are guesting and must be a USYS current member in good standing. A player can only be rostered on one team and participate on one team during the tournament. Team/Tournament/Game roster must have players name, month/year of birth & jersey numbers on the roster.   Any deviation from the standard U10, U12, U14, U15, U16 & U18 age division must be submitted with the application and be approved prior to check in.  Approval for roster exceptions in other events does not mean automatic approval for this event.

Team credentials must be available at the field before each team’s scheduled game to be verified by the referee.  Otherwise the team will be deemed ineligible to participate.


Format/Scheduling/Bracketing:  U8’s will play festival style.   All teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches. There may be a gold and silver division where the number of participating teams permits such a format. In some divisions will odd number of teams and/or flights or crossovers, your team may not play every team in your flight for advancement.  Some teams may have additional games in a bracket or flight with odd number of teams.   The tournament committee reserves the right to adjust divisions when needed to benefit the overall competitive nature of the tournament.  A tournament schedule will tentatively be posted approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. A list of teams accepted will be posted shortly after the deadline.

The Casper Fall Classic will follow the Laws of the Games as per FIFA except where modified by WSA Rules and the stated modification for small sided games for the 12 & unders.    The tournament committee will also follow the WSA No Tolerance Policy of referee abuse.

Referee:  The tournament will employ a USSF certified referee assignor.  USSF certified referees will be employed for the duration of the event.  USSF Referee rules, policies and procedures will be followed.

Jersey Colors: The team listed first on the schedule will be the home team and will wear white or light colored jersey.  The team listed second on the schedules will be the away team.  If there is a conflict of colors, the home team will be required to change jerseys or pennies can be worn over the jersey, as long as the numbers are still visible. 

Game Duration: The referee may add time at his discretion but not to exceed the allotted time frame for the scheduled game. For late starts, the referee can shorten each half equally up to five (5) minutes to re-establish field schedule. Each game will have an approximate 5-minute half time.

8U (4v4) 2 – 20 min halves #3 Ball - Festival Style

10U (7v7) 2 – 25 min halves #4 Ball

11U-12U (9v9) 2 – 30 min halves #4 Ball

13U-14U (11v11) 2 – 35 min halves #5 Ball

15U-16U (11v11)   16U-19U (11v11)  2– 40 min halves #5 Ball


 Red Card: Any player issued a red card during a game will be ejected from that game and will be ineligible for participation in the next match.  Any coach or assistant coach ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in the next match or be on the technical side of the field. This does include the Championship game. Additional suspension may be considered depending on the severity of the infraction committed and will be decided by the tournament committee.  2 points will be deducted from the game points for each red card and or ejection.  The player card or coaches card will be retained by the field referee and turned in at the referee headquarters with the official game card. The coach may reclaim the card after the suspension has been served.   All red and yellow cards will be recorded on the official game cards and will be reported to WSA.



U8 Division - Modified Rules:

      No heading the ball. Intentional heading will result in an in-direct free kick to the opposing team.

      All free kicks are indirect; including kickoff, goal kicks, and corner kicks.

      Goal kicks will be taken anywhere inside of the goal area.

      During a goal kick the opposing team must retreat and remain on their defending half until the goal kick has been played by any player other than the player taking the goal kick or until the ball has crossed over the half line. Infractions of this rule will result in retaking the goal kick.

      Any player may play the ball at any location on the field.

      No goal keepers. Handling in the goal area is an IFK on the line of the goal area.

      Throw-Ins will have a “redo” with explanation.

      No Cards will be given. Referee will use “Teachable Moments” within the game to promote rules, sportsmanship and fair play. Simple Soccer – Let them Play.

U10 Division - Modified Rules:

      No heading the ball. Intentional heading will result in an in-direct free kick to the opposing team.

      Kick Off, Corners and throw-ins are taken like normal.

      At a goal kick, the opposing team must retreat and remain behind the nearest build out line until the ball is in play. The ball is in play once it has passed out of the penalty area and has been touched by a second player or crossed over the build out line. Any infraction results in a retake of the goal kick. The kicker cannot touch the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player, and the restart for this is an IDK for the other team at the spot of the second touch. Quick kicks may be taken; players from the opposing team inside the build out line must wait for the ball to cross the build out line before engaging in play.

      When the goalkeeper has the ball, during play, the opposing team must retreat to the build out line; the goalkeeper cannot punt the ball, they must pass, throw or roll the ball to a teammate, or release it to the ground from where they can kick it. Once the ball has been played by another

player, or crossed the build out line, play resumes as normal. Infractions of this rule will result in the goalkeeper back in possession of the ball.

      Punting is not allowed.


Scoring: There will be no overtime or tiebreakers in the preliminary rounds.

Teams shall be awarded points for games as follows: 

§  Win 6 points plus 1 point for each goal scored (up to a maximum of 3 per game) Forfeit 8 points

§  Tie 3 points plus 1 point for each goal scored (up to a maximum of 3 per game)

§  Loss 0 points plus 1 point for each goal scored (up to a maximum of 3 per game)

§  Shut out 1 point for holding the other team scoreless- does not apply to 0 – 0 match Any red card infraction will result in the loss of two (2) points from their team’s standings. 

A team will receive no points or other credit for more than three (3) goals scored in any game. 

Total possible points per game are 10

If a team is declared ineligible or if a scheduled team does not show for play within 10 minutes of start time, the game is a forfeit. In the unlikely event of forfeits during the preliminary games, the forfeit shall be scored as follows: 

§  For purposes of awarding points, a team which “wins a forfeit” shall receive 8 points.

§  If a team withdraws from the tournament voluntarily or is disqualified from the tournament prior to completion of all of its games in the preliminary rounds, each of the teams in the flight shall receive 8 points.

The referee game card will serve as the official score record for the game.


If at the completion of the preliminary round, two or more teams in a flight are tied in total number of points, the team that shall advance shall be determined in the following sequence: 

1.    Results of head to head competition between the tied teams.

2.    Fewest goals against.  Fewest goals allowed through all preliminary matches.

3.    Total number of goals scored in all preliminary matches up to three (3) per game.

4.    Taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game.

5.   Decision of the Tournament Committee. The Tournament Committee shall decide how it will choose a winning team if the prior criteria are inappropriate.

In the event of a 3-way or more tie (based on points), the tie breaking procedures will be applied until at least one team wins a tie breaker scenario or a team loses a tie breaking scenario. Once one team wins or loses a tie breaker, the tie breaker scenarios will restart at step 1 for the remaining tied teams. 

In the games that have to have a winner, 2 equal halves of overtime will be played - No Golden Goal.

 U9/10's & U11/12's will play 2 five (5) minute overtime halves

U13/14/15's & U16-19's will play 2 ten (10) minute overtime halves


Inclement Weather:  The tournament committee has the authority to make any changes it deems necessary to allow completion of the tournament due to inclement weather.  Tournament matches may be played in all weather conditions, unless the referee or tournament committee deems it unsafe to play in the conditions.  If the tournament is cancelled due to weather prior to the scheduled start of team check in, 60% of the registration fee will be refunded.

Playing Conditions: Games may be suspended, shortened in length or cancelled when fields are in unplayable conditions due to the weather. The decision of suspension or game cancellation will be the responsibility of the

Tournament Director/Committee/referees.   Contingency plan to adjust games if needed due to weather:

1) All matches played as scheduled in the weather condition.

2)  Shorten all first-round games.  

3) #2 plus shorten the semi-final matches.

4) #4 plus shorten the final matches.

5) If the fields become totally unplayable or weather is severe, it may be necessary to decide some matched by penalty kicks. No refunds for games cancellations during the tournament.

Awards: First and second place teams will be awarded in U10 to U20 divisions. U7/8 play festival style.

Matters not provided for: Extraordinary circumstances or matters not specifically addressed in the tournament or WSA or FIFA rules shall be considered by the Tournament Committee and all decisions are final. 


As the Casper Youth Soccer Program continues to grow, we seek support from the Natrona County community and beyond. Donations and sponsorship's support: Players’ scholarships, Soccer equipment, Rewarding players for their hard work, Fields for practice, Equipment Storage