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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

Blades Membership Rebate
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Suspension of Soccer Activities
June 2020

The Casper Soccer Club (CSC) Blades fee is an annual membership fee.  The Blades fee includes, but is not limited to, Wyoming Soccer Association (WSA) membership fees, US Youth Soccer membership fees, US Soccer membership fees, insurance fees, City Use fees, coach licensing and education, and operations and maintenance costs.  The Blades membership fee is due by the start of each new soccer year.  The soccer year runs from August 1 to July 31.

The COVID-19 pandemic created an unchartered situation for many membership organizations. While seasonal programs and weekend tournaments were cancelled because of this pandemic, membership still continued, albeit with the inability to use some of the benefits of the membership. The Wyoming Soccer Association, in compliance with the Wyoming Health Department, ordered the suspension of activities on March 16, 2020. The CSC followed the WSA directive and suspended team practices and activities scheduled to start that week.

The tournaments, jamborees, leagues and events that were cancelled in the spring season issued full refunds to participating teams, waiving any cancellation or withdrawal fee.  The teams, in turn, offered those that had already paid their fees the option to carry over the event fees to the fall season or receive a full refund.

The Blades membership benefits continued to provide virtual options to our membership through Team App, social media, and live streaming or 2-way video options.  Training sessions were offered with direct communication with the coaches and the Director of Coaching.  At-home soccer challenges were created and many participated in the activities. In short, the CSC worked hard to provide creative training opportunities during the challenges of the pandemic.

The standard cancellation/refund policy of the annual Blades fee is below.  The Blades fee is associated with the annual membership in the Blades program. Cancellation and refund request of the Blades membership fee is available as follows:

  • Request prior to August 1: Full refund less $15 processing fee 
  • Request from August 1 to September 1: Full refund less $50 administration fee 
  • Request after September 1: No refund will be available 

However, due to the pandemic, the CSC has made a one-time modification to the above policy for the spring 2020 season.  The season was suspended on March 16, and the club returned to play on June 1.  The CSC will offer a rebate based on 11 weeks of inactivity due to the suspension of soccer activities. A rebate of $53.00 is being offered to the 9U to 14U Blades players for the COVID-19 Suspension of Play. (This does not apply to players who received a scholarship or a discount from the CSC for the Blades membership fees.)

$350.00      Annual Blades Membership
-$34.00       WSA Annual membership fee
 -$16.00      City of Casper annual use fee 
-$50.00       Administrative/processing fees
 $250.00     Divided by 52 weeks in a year = $4.81/week $4.81x11 weeks=52.91

The Blades United players, 15U to 19U, will not receive a rebate due to the fact that Blades United fees already account  for the inactivity during the high school soccer season. The Jr Blades spring recreation program fees will be refunded based on the refund policy of the Academy program. A voucher code will be issued to each eligible Blades player in the amount of $53.00.  The voucher will expire on December 31, 2020.  The voucher can be used for any household member and for any CSC program, skills clinic, winter training session or camp.

Many of the players participated in the Blades Basket Fundraising in the fall of 2019. Money that is raised by a fundraiser can not be paid out to the individual member.  The CSC uses Got Soccer as a club management program.  Got Soccer is updating to a new platform.  Once the programs are created in the new Got Soccer platform, the voucher codes for the rebate will be issued to each player.  

The CSC thanks its members for their support and participation throughout the challenges of this past year.