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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

Summer Soccer Games (Rec)  FAQ

Players/Parents will receive the general program information,team assignments and schedules direct from the CSC through email communication.  Most communications will come directly from the CSC staff.  

When will the program begin?
The program will begin as indicated in the introduction email for the start of the season, end of June.

When and where are the games?
Game days and times are Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5:45 pm and 7:45pm.  The games will be at the North Casper Soccer Complex, each age group will be assigned to a field location for the duration of the season.   The older age groups will have a longer game than the preschool & kindergartners.  

When will a coach make contact?
You will receive a majority of the information from the Club. You will first receive an email with team assignments and schedule information .  The information about the first team meeting and games dates will come directly from the club.  The coaches are volunteers and the initial meeting will include an introduction to the coach.   Coaches need time to complete the required Safe Kids screening before they are able to contact the players directly.

How and when do I get my uniform?
Kindergartner's and older will wear a red/white reversible jersey. The Jersey is available any time at BushWells Sporting Goods store on Collins Dr.
The preschoolers or Lil'Kicker's will receive a colored team t-shirt and the first game.  

When and where are games played?
All of the games will be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5:45pm and 7:45pm, at the North Casper Soccer Complex.

Is this a traveling recreational team?
No.  The Casper Soccer Club  Academy (Recreational) teams do not travel.   All games and practices will be at the North Casper Soccer Complex. 

How many games are there in a season?
There is a minimum of 5 games for the summer session.  The first schedule time will be a team meeting. 

What does my registration pay for?
Fees pay for goals, nets, field rental, field stripping, referees, USYS/WSA membership, insurance, and administrative cost required to run this type of program. It does not pay for the uniform or personal equipment.   Nor does it pay a coaching staff.  

What is needed for Games

What will my child need for the games?
  • Shin guards with long socks to cover the shin guard
  • Soccer cleats or sneakers
  • A Ball
  • Red/white reversible jersey
  • A full water bottle
  • shorts or athletic pants for exercise & weather appropriate
  • Optional items include bug spray and sunscreen
Soccer Ball - 2nd grade and younger use a size 3 ball, 3rd grade to 5th grade use a size 4 and 6th grade and older use a size 5.  It is suggested to put your name or identifying information on your ball, so if it is misplaced, it can easily be found.

Does my child need cleats to play?
Although shin guards are required, cleats are recommended. Many younger children are more comfortable in their sneakers. Older children will want the traction that cleats provide.  
You will want to purchase soccer specific cleats.  Baseball cleats have an extra toe stud that is dangerous during soccer play.  The toe stud can be cut off to modify a baseball cleat for soccer.  The sole design of a soccer cleat differs from other sports cleats in that it eliminates the midsole to bring the player closer to the ground.  The material of a soccer cleat tends to be more flexible with less ankle support, which allows a player freedom in their foot movement and to feel the ball at their foot. 

Can my child play with jewelry or beads in their hair?
No jewelry or anything that could cause harm to other players or themselves can be worn. This rule includes hair beads and barrettes.  Check with the Rec Coordinator if you have a cast or wear a brace.  We recommend that ears be pierced between seasons, because earrings must be removed to play. This is a Youth Soccer rule and not discretionary for the referees or club officials.

Can my child bring a friend?
Only registered players and coaches can participate in our games. Others are not covered by our insurance.

Why are the teams and spectators on opposite sides of the field?
Players and Spectators are kept separate to aid the coach and referees in team management.  It helps the coach to have all the players in one place. It helps the player to understand that his instructions comes from the coach during the game if he does not have the distractions of family around.


Who do I contact if I would like to coach a team?
You can indicate your desire to coach when the registration is submitted.  If you decided to coach after the registration is submitted, please contact us at wendyb@caspersoccerclub.com  

Can I get educational information about coaching?
Yes, please contact the Rec Coordinator at recsoccer@caspersoccerclub.com for additional information as well. 
US Soccer offers soccer coaching licenses for all levels of coaching and the United Soccer Coaches offers coaching education.

Become a Referee - Earn a few extra dollars by Refereeing the Youth Soccer Game

How do I become a referee? 
A referee officiates the game of soccer.  Referees are USSF certified and are required to complete a training course. Visit the Referee tab or please contact us at  SRA@wyomingsoccer.com.