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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

CSC Jersey/uniform requirements:
  • Red/white reversible jersey for Kinders & older
  • Lil'Kickers will be provided with a team T-shirt that coincides with the team color name.
  • Athletic shorts or sweats.
  • Shin guards covered by long socks.
    • all players must wear shin guards.
  • athletic shoes or soccer cleats.
    • cleats are recommended but not required.
    • no toe cleats - no baseball or football cleats.
Be prepared to play in reasonable weather conditions, red/white reversible must be worn over any sweatshirt or other base layer clothing.  Soft material hats with not strings or ties and gloves without zippers or hooks can be worn. 

Players must remove any jewelry prior to participating.  Taping or placing a bandage over the earrings will not litigate the risk of injury. 

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The Lil'Kicker Players will be provided with a team t-shirt.