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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

Coaching Staff

As a Coach of Youth Sports, you want your players to enjoy all aspects of the game.   FUN!! is the number one goal for the players.  The Parent goal is to learn or advance their physical ability.  You want to prepare your team and players to be successful on and off of the field.  The Primary goal of the Casper Soccer Club Coaches must be to promote the healthy physical, mental and social development of players.

The objective of the coaching program is to provide the best soccer experience possible for the players which can only be met by enthusiastic and dedicated people.  Dedicated people include the first time coach, who volunteer's to coach their child's team with little knowledge to the veteran Blades coach who has coached at every age division. 

Please contact the Director of Coaching at DOC@caspersoccerclub.com,  if you are interested in coaching or assistant coaching in any aspect of the game.  Volunteer coaches are in high demand.  We hope to make it easy by offering several coach training sessions. 

Blades Coaches

The Blades organization has set a goal to provide the best soccer experience possible to players.  This goal can only be met by the dedication of experienced, educated, and certified coaches.  As such the Blades require that the coaches improve their levels of certification/training whenever possible.  

 Director of Coaching             Boys/Girls                  DOC@caspersoccerclub.com         
 8U- Jr Blades TimbersBoysRick Mullins DOC
Chris Stanbury
 8U Jr Blades Thorns
GirlsRick Mullins DOC

 9U/10U Blades Timbers
 9U/10U Blades Thorns
 11U/12U Blades TimbersBoysDavid Ferguson

 11U/12U Blades ThornsGirlsMiles Childers
 13U/14U Blades Timbers
BoysRyan Larsen
Jesse Florquist
 13U Blades Thorns
GirlsJulie Maiers
14/15U Blades Thorns
GirlsJoe Ferguson
Casey Nix
 16U-19U Blades Timbers
BoysJim Leslie, Jorge Jimenez
Dan Behringer, Andrew Maxwell
 16U-19U Blades Thorns
GirlsMelinda Gustafson,
Aly Neely