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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

FUTSAL LEAGUE  for 8U to 14U Coed
January 10 to March 7
Updated Schedule
Futsal is a modified form of soccer that is played with five players per team (one of which is a goalkeeper); and it​ is played on a basketball size field (typically indoors).
Futsal is a FUN fast paced sport that will hone the key qualities of a soccer player better than any other indoor format and these benefits are transferrable to the outside game. In fact, two very important soccer components are:(1) having good technique, i.e. foot-skills; and (2)developing a creative, tactical mind, or speed of play.

In short, here are some key benefits of Futsal play!


  • Fast-paced;
  • Under pressure play encourages quick and creative decision making
  • Teaches tactical awareness (i.e. recognizing space, support and pressure), and promotes lots of off-the-ball movement;
  • Soccer alternative, played in the off-season
  • Abundance of ball touches (i.e. more opportunities to develop foot skills and improve first touch); 
  • Lots of fun, and high scoring!


Youth Futsal Games start on January 10 to February 28
Tuesdays and Thursdays- 5:30 to 9pm - Game Schedule 
  • 5v5 with roster of 7-9 players
  • A series 6 games
  • $53 per Player 
  • Games only - no practice
  • Schedule is subject to change
  • Registration is closed.