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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

Casper Soccer Club Inc
Board of Directors

Vision:  The Casper Soccer Club, Central Wyoming's premier soccer organization, provides lifelong opportunities for challenge and growth - both on and off the pitch.
Mission:  Casper Soccer Club provides soccer programing and opportunities for all ages and abilities to enhance soccer skills, promote a healthy lifestyle and help teach valuable life lessons.


2021/2022 Casper Soccer Club Board of Directors

 President (odd year)Luke Carlson president@caspersoccerclub.com
 Vice President (even year)Aaron Cawiezell
 Treasurer (even year) Mike Cometto mikec@cpawyoming.com
 Secretary (odd year)  Melissa Childers
  Director at LargeRachel McClellan CSCBoard@caspersoccerclub.com
  Director at Large Kristin Camp
  Director at Large Jerri Ferguson
  Director at Large Julie Maiers
  Director at Large Sean Cometto
  Director at Large Becky Strand
  Director at LargeTamika MartinezCSCBoard@caspersoccerclub.com
  Director at Large Amanda Branon amanda.branon@gmail.com

General Board Correspondence

Executive Director
 Wendy Brown wendyb@caspersoccerclub.com 
 Director of CoachingRick Mullins casperDOC@caspersoccerclub.com

  • Each member of the CSC Board of Directors is elected to a 2 year term
  • The General Membership elects the Boad Members
  • The Board Members elect the Board Officers
  • The positions are alternating even and odd years
  • The Elections are held in the August 
  • The Office President & Secretary are elected by the BOD in the odd year
  • The Office Vice President & Treasurer are elected by the BOD in the even year
  • See the Bylaws for more details
  • Visit the Calendar for meeting Dates & Times
  • Click Here for the Minutes to the Board Meetings
Governing Documents
The Casper Soccer Club is governed by a set of ByLaws that fall under the authority of the State of Wyoming Statutes and the ByLaws of Wyoming Soccer Association, US Youth Soccer, USASA and USSF.