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Casper Soccer Club, Inc


 Wyoming State Cup Championships Referee Information

 North Casper Soccer Complex, Casper, WY

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The Casper Soccer Club is proud to be hosting the 2024 Wyoming State Cup Championships. The CSC appreciates the hard work, dedication and professionalism the referees bring to the event.   Thank you to the experienced referees who return to the event every year and we appreciate the new upcoming referees.

Referees must hold a current 2023 USSF certification to work the Wyoming State Cup.  All games will be played in accordance to FIFA with adjustments for small sided games.  Referees are excepted to be properly equipped for the WSA Wyoming State Cup Championships.

Age DivisionCenter RefereeAssistant Referee
10U Center only*$45NA
10U Center w/AR's$40$20
8U Center only$35NA

Additional benefits for the referees:
  • Lodging available for Referees-Double occupancy rates - 8 game min
  • Breakfast snacks and lunch provided
  • Beverages, coffee and snacks provided
  • Bonus for refereeing eight or more games
  • Event coin for each referee
  • Referee Pay available before leaving the event

All referee assignments will be scheduled through the Got Soccer software for the event. Bonus pay for working eight or more games TBD. 

The Wyoming State Cup Championships will employ USSF certified referees to officiate the youth games.  The event will utilize a 3 man referee crew and will employ the diagonal system of control and be assigned according to the following order of preference:

  • One registered referee and two registered assistant referees
  • One registered referee and one registered assistant referee and one unregistered club linesperson*
  • One registered referee and two unregistered club linespersons*
  • One registered referee if one registered referee is appropriate for the level(age) of competition or no unregistered club linespersons* are available
A Club linesperson is selected from the spectators and can only indicate when the ball is in or out of bounds. No fouls or offside violations will be called by a club linesperson.  

*Expect the 10U Games to be Center Referee only.