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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

CSC Play Up Policy
Casper Soccer Club and our staff realize that any decision regarding a child playing up an age should be based on what is best for the child and looked at on an individual case by case situation.  Many factors are present in determining a player’s ability to “Play Up” out of their chronological age.  CSC agrees that only in exceptional circumstances, all players are better served in development by following the USSF/USYS guidelines by playing in their chronological birth year.  When it comes to athletic development, the only sufficient reasons for allowing children to play up an age full-time are based on technical, tactical and developmental criterion.
The process of determining if a player is eligible to play up begins with a recommendation by a Head Coach, DOC or a parent 10 days prior to start date of the Player Evaluations/Tryouts by the DOC and coaching staff. The process will begin by contacting the DOC at casperDOC@caspersoccerclub.com

Play Up Request
All players wishing to be considered for “Playing Up” outside their chronological birth year, must have the following documents completed and submitted to the CSC Director of Coaching10 days prior to tryouts.  Contact casperdoc@caspersoccerclub.com for the required document.
Eligible date for Submission
Submitted by Whom
Document Required*
May 1st to 10 days prior to scheduled tryout dates
Parent or Guardian of Player
Age Division Exception Form
May 1st to 10 Days prior to scheduled tryout dates
Head Coach of Player
Coach Recommendation
May 1st to 10 Days prior to scheduled tryout dates
Player Questionnaire

*All request must be made to the Director of Coaching. After the DOC receives request from the parents, the DOC will send the documents to the required person. These docs (see above) will be filled out by the current players coach, the parents and the player themselves. Once filled out, the docs are returned  to the DOC within the allotted time frame.  The request will be reviewed and instructions will follow for tryout procedures.