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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

Casper Soccer Club has adopted the "Continuous Play" or "New Ball" playing format for 6 & under small sided games. 

 Law 1 THE FIELD OF PLAY: The field is rectangular; size is appropriate for the age with 4’ x 6’ goals. No player may stand within the Goal Area whether marked or not.  However, any player may move through the Goal Area.

Law 2 THE BALL: A standard size 3 ball will be used. 2 or 3 balls will be placed at the field before game time.

Law 3 NUMBER OF PLAYERS:  Lil’Kicker   3v3         U6 Kinders   4v4

Maximum of 3 players from each team will be on the field at any one time for the Lil Kicker teams.

The U6 Kinders will use a maximum of 4 players on the field at any one time.  There are NO Goalkeepers. Players may be substituted by either team "on the fly" at any time.  The Coaches will stop play in the event of an injury and allow substitution for the injured player. Players are encouraged to Enter and Exit the field from the halfway line.  Each player rostered to a team SHALL play as close to an equal amount of the total playing time as possible. 

NOTE: Goal Tending (positioning a player in front of your own goal or goal area for the sole purpose of keeping the opposition team from scoring) is not allowed. Teams and games will be coed.

Law 4 PLAYERS' EQUIPMENT: Tennis shoes or cleated soccer shoes. Shin guards are MANDATORY. Shin guards are to be worn UNDER the socks. Players may not wear watches, necklaces, earrings, rings, or any other jewelry.

Law 5 & 6 REFEREES:  The Coaches from both teams will be the “referee” for the game, each coach taking 1/2 the field enforcing the rules, stop and restart play and deliver a new ball when the ball goes out of play.   Keep the playing environment FUN, SAFE and focused on the young players.  The duty of keeping time can be assigned to a parent.  When you stop play for a foul or other reason, take the time to explain to the players WHY!  For some players this is their first experience with soccer and the best time to educate EVERYONE on the Laws of The Game

Scores are not recorded.  Coaches and parents are to be reminded that the purpose of this program is to develop the individual player's ball control skills, not to gather an impressive team victory record. 


Lil Kicker games shall be divided into four (4) quarters of six (6) minutes each with a two (2) minute break between quarters and a five (5) minute break at the half. 

The U6 Kinders games will be 2 halves of twelve (12) minutes with a five (5) minute half time.

 Note: The time will not stop during quarters except for an injury. Time limits should be adhered to in order to prevent fatigue injuries from occurring.

Law 8 THE START OF PLAY: Conforms to FIFA regulations. The teams will line up around the center circle on opposite sides – the kicking team may line up on the center line to kick the ball and only used at the beginning of each quarter or half.  There are no kick-offs after goals are scored in the continuous play format.   After a goal is scored, there will be a pause for a brief celebration.  Then the coaches will direct the players towards the center of the field to loosely line up on opposite sides and the coaches will deliver a new ball in the center of the field, and play will resume with little interruption. 

Law 9 BALL IN AND OUT OF PLAY: For these age groups, CSC allows the "loose boundaries" rule.  

Law 10 METHOD OF SCORING: Scores are not recorded – The ball must completely cross the goal line between the posts and beneath the crossbar to count.

Law 11 OFF-SIDE: There is no off-side in small-sided games. NOTE: Cherry Picking (positioning a player in front of the opposing teams’ goal area for the sole purpose of scoring) will not be allowed.






Law 12 FOULS AND MISCONDUCT: Conform to FIFA regulations except that all fouls and misconduct shall result in a direct free kick with the opponents at least three (3) yards from the ball before the kick is allowed.   All infractions shall be explained to the players involved prior to the direct kick and NO yellow or red cards will be issued.   Although 'slide tackling' is legal, for player safety concerns CSC does not allow it in this age group.

Law 13 FREE-KICKS: All kicks will be indirect.

Law 14 PENALTY-KICKS: There are no Penalty Kicks in small-sided “New Ball” game.

Law 15 THROW-IN: There are no throw-ins in the continuous play format.  Instead, the coach delivers a new ball and play continues without interruption.

Law 16 GOAL-KICK: There are no goal-kicks in the continuous play format.  Instead, the coach delivers a new ball and play continues without interruption. 

Law 17 CORNER-KICK: There are no corner kicks in the continuous play format.  Instead, the coach delivers a new ball and play continues without interruption. 


ADDITIONAL Casper Soccer Club RULES: 

  • Parents are encouraged to participate and aid the coaches at every game.
  • Parents/spectators are required to be at least 3 feet off of the field boundary lines.  
  • Parents are encouraged to cheer and support ALL of the players on the field.
  • Parents are REQUIRED to act in an appropriate and respectful manner in accordance to good sportsmanship at all times.


Tips for Success:

  • Whenever a ball goes OUT OF PLAY, the coach announces, "New Ball!" and rolls another ball into play.  
  • 2-3 balls are required for this method.  Use a regular "kick-off" to start each quarter or half (two kick-offs for each team).
  • The two coaches pick a side of field and carry one or two balls in their arms, to be able to put the ball into play.
  • If the ball goes slightly out of play, but the player dribbles the ball back in, that’s ok - let them play on! We are encouraging continued play as much as possible.
  • The ‘new ball’ should be rolled to neutral space or toward the “disadvantaged” team. If one team is clearly dominant the play can be “equaled” this way.
  • The coaches will be able to control the pace of the game.  You will need to pause for a few seconds before distributing a new ball, especially after a goal.  Give the players several seconds to re-set and rest after a goal and somewhat reposition to the center of the field.  Roll the new ball in near the center of the field toward the team that was scored against when the goal occurred.
  • DO NOT bounce the ‘new ball’ as it is difficult for players at this age to judge a bouncing ball. Roll out a ball to the field of play.