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Casper Soccer Club, Inc

Inclement Weather Policy

Severe weather in our area that may involve the suspension or cancellation of a game, practice or other activity, generally includes lightning, heavy rain, hail, snow and/or strong winds. While there are guidelines that referees, coaches or staff will follow in these severe weather conditions, it is important that each individual, to the best of their ability, take responsibility for their own safety. All individuals should know and heed community warning systems and general rules of severe weather safety. Families are encouraged to have their own plan for severe weather regarding shelter, carpools from canceled games and practices, and other events.

Lightning Policy

The Casper Soccer Club will use the WeatherBug Spark Lightning Alert application as well as other weather apps to review and assess lightning conditions.

Same-Day Cancellation of Games and Practices

The Club administrators or team coach(s) will make the decision to cancel activities at any fields CSC uses. When possible adverse weather is in the area, please check the Casper Soccer Club website before you leave for the soccer fields or your team's TeamApp. The Club or coach will try to provide information regarding cancellations as early as possible. Weather conditions will be assessed in a timely manner for adequate notification of schedule changes.  Be prepared that weather conditions may change quickly and cancellation may occur with little or no notice. When possible, email notices will be sent out the day of the soccer activities.  

Games or Activities In Progress -Suspending or Cancelling Activities

All persons need to be aware of the threat of severe weather.  In the event of severe weather or lightning in the area (within a 10 mile radius), the referee will suspend the game. Coaches will suspended practice or activities. 

If cancellation is required during a club event, such a Rec Soccer League, a long horn sound will indication suspension of the games. The horn will sound for a few second.  If activities are suspended, please..

  • Go to your cars as quickly and orderly as possible. Remain in your car for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes the referee or club administrator will determine whether play will resume, based on the distance of the severe weather and the time available to resume activities.
  • If the referee determines that play cannot resume, you will be informed the game has been cancelled and you will be instructed to leave. Scores will be recorded at the time of the cancellation.  
  • The club administration will determine if the suspended game will be considered complete or if it will be rescheduled. The type of game/event will also determine if the game will be rescheduled or cancelled.